SUZUKI A CDI/ECU Repair Overhaul

  • Model: Suzuki-A
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  • Manufactured by: Carmo
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Known CDI/TCI/ECU units which can be Tested/Repaired
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BB Motor 4 takt F9.9 CMH66 (66M-01, OYF)
Outboard 25-300HP 4 Stroke 1996-2007 (99E90, F8T90071)
DT25(C) DT30(C) CDI (F8T12881)
Outboard motor 1994 DT115 DT140 115 140 CDI (F8T12981, F8T12982, 88-2000)
LT4WD Quadrunner (32900-19B20)
LFT4WDX King Qaud (32900-19B20)
DF15 Outboard Motor (32900-94J00, CU7257)
DT40 CDI ECU igniter (F8T17471)
LTZ50 (J143, CB7513, CB1J)
DT55 DT65 (F8T12894)
DF60 (99E90, F8T90071)
DT65 BB Motor (F8T02271)
LT80 (32900-40B00, 070000-2860)
LTZ80 (J143, 43G0, CB7513, 5K09)
LTZ90 (J150, CB751K)
Quadsport Z90 (J150, CB751K)
DR100 SP100 SP125 CDI igniter (32900-05210, 070000-0920)
DR Z110 (CI751)
Hokuto 110 (J78, CB7461)
AN125 (scooter)
CS125 (32900-01400, 131100-3232)
DR125 (32900-44A30, 131800-0270)
DR125T (32900-05220, 070000-0930)
GN125 (32900-05300, 131100-3221)
GS125 (32900-05340, 131800-6970)
GV125 Marauder (32900-12F10, 131800-7200)
GZ125 Marauder
GZ125 Marauder (32900-12F20, 131800-7210)
RG125 FUN (32900-19D41, 071000-0372)
RG125 (32900-19D90, 07100-0450)
RM125 (32900-40220, KOKUSAN DENKI)
RM125 (CU7401, 829000-43D10)
RM125 (CU7440, J73)
RV125 (32900-13G10, 131800-8300)
RV125 van van (MGT115, F8T51271, 15G00)
TS125X (32900-03D30)
TS125ERX (32900-03D30)
TSR125 (32900-03D00, 071000-0060)
UC125 Epicuro (CB7466, 0B10, J81, 21F6)
UH125 Burgman (J130, J106, CB7508)
UH125 Burgman CDI unit)
VL125 (32900-26F00, 131800-7480)
VL125 Intruder LC v-twin (DENSO, 32900-26F20, 131800-8170)
VZ125 Marauder (32900-12F20, 131800-7210)
LTF160 Quad runner (MGT045, 02C20, F8T199714)
DR200 (32900-42A00, 070000-1361)
SP200 (32900-42A00, 070000-1361)
TS200R (32900-08D20, 071000-0240)
UH200 Burgman 32920-03H11
LT230 (Nippon Denso, 32900-18A00, 070000-1240)
LT230E quadrunner (32900-35B00, 1620)
LT-F230 G (32900-22A00, 070000-1301)
250XC Djebel CDI ECU
AN250 (scooter)
DR250 (13E00, F8T32671)
DR250 CDI brain computer (14D00, F8T31071)
DR250 (32900-05220, 07000-0930)
DR250 (BM5102, 32900-38220)
DRZ250 (MGT046, MGT047, F8T37274, F8T37273)
GS250 (BB1201, 32900-47020)
GS250 (32900-45D00, BB7244)
GSF250 (32900-45D00, BB7244)
GSF250 bandit (32900-11D10, BB7259, kokusan denki)
GSX250 (BB1201, 32900-47020)
GSX250 (32900-45D00, BB7244)
GSX250E (32900-44410, BB1205)
GSX250S GSX400S (BB7252, 32900-46D01)
GSX250 Invader
GSXR250 (32900-06C00, BB7203)
GZ250 Marauder (MGT022, J4T09971)
LFT250 Quadrunner (32900-19B20)
LTF250 runner (32900-19B50)
LTZ250 Quad (32900-05G10, 071000-2270)
RGV250 (CB1202, 9E31)
RGV250 (SAPC, 32910-22D30, CM7410)
RM250 (82900-CU7401)
RM250 (C4744, CU7450, J91, Kokusan Denki)
RMZ250 (21119-0024, CU7493)
RMZ250 RMZ 250 CDI igniter (J156, CU7535)
TS250X (31900-30020)
TU250GB Grasstracker Bigboy (MGT042, F8T37771)
Extreem Racing Qaud 300cc
GS300L CDI (F8T50071, 32900-11910)
LT-F300KF2 (32900-19BA0, 017000-1980)
LT-F300 King Quad (32900-19B30, 071000-2192)
LT-F300 Kingquad (LT-F4WDX) (32900-19B40, 070000-2490, QAC49)
LT-F300F King Quad (32900-19B80)
DR350 (14D00, F8T3077)
DR350 (MGT005, F8T31073)
DR350 (MGT002, F8T31082)
DR350 P (MGT001, F8T31081)
DR350S (MGT006, F8T32871)
DR350S (MGT017, F8T31084)
DR350S (14D10, F8T30772)
DR350 Goose (47D-00, F8T31571)

Digital ignition systems.

Our digital ignition systems come with 3 years warranty. Production errors, quality issues and internal problems are covered by this warranty.
The Carmo digital ignition systems are protected against high voltage peaks, defective HT coils and reverse battery connection.
This protection means that the Carmo digital ignition will not be damaged immediately in case of faulty electronics in your motorcycle.
Long term use of a motorcycle with faulty electronics may still result in damage to the Carmo digital ignition system.
This means that without solving the electrical issue the Carmo digital ignition could break down after a while.

If research shows that your Carmo digital ignition was damaged by faulty electrical parts, the warranty rights will not be valid.
If this situation occurs we will attempt to repair your ignition system in order to keep the costs as low as possible.
If the system is beyond repair a new product will be offered at a reduced price.
In all cases we will try our best to offer an acceptable solution.

Testing your original ignition module is free of charge when purchasing one of our replacement systems.
During the test we are often able to find out what caused your original module to break down.
This way you will know for sure if your original module really needs replacement, and you’ll be able to solve other electrical issues that may not be known yet.

Team Carmo.

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