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Contact Us

c/o Electrex World Ltd is a collection point and takes care of the shipments to Carmo Electronics NL in The Netherlands.

This collection point was established with the purpose of making shipments to Carmo Electronics NL easier and cheaper for UK customers. Items received at Carmo Electronics UK will be shipped over to The Netherlands where our technicians will carry out the requested services.
Once your items arrive in The Netherlands you will be notified by e-mail.

Further updates regarding the requested services will also be sent by e-mail. Items will be shipped to your return address directly from The Netherlands.
Our phone number +44 1865 521095 will put you in direct contact with one of our technicians in The Netherlands without having to make an international phone call. All of our technical staff speak English.

For Service

1. Please make a ticket in the Ticket System.
2. Include your Ticket Number with the parcel, and send to us.

We can not take care of your parcel without a Ticket Number included.

Collection Point Address:
Company Name:  Carmo Electronics UK
 c/o Electrex World Ltd
Address:  Units 43-46 Vanalloys Business Park
Zip / Postal code:  RG9 5QW
 City / Capital:  Stoke Row
 State:  Oxfordshire
 Country:  United Kingdom
Phone operating hours (GMT/BST):  Mo - Fr; 9 am - 11 am and 11.30 am 4 pm
Phone no. ( Carmo NL ):  +44 1865 521095   Carmo call on the local number
WhatsApp ( Carmo NL ):  +31 6 30579039 WhatsApp messages only to Carmo
   * Only for messages *
General:  [email protected]
Technical:  [email protected]
Keys, Flashen, Texa:  [email protected]
Repair, Dashboards:  [email protected]
Logistics:  [email protected]
Flash Service:  [email protected]

* Required information