Kawasaki GPZ1100 ZX1100 igniter ignition module CDI TCI Box 21119-1439 J4T05572 21119-1439 / J4T05572 21119-1437 J4T05571

My 1995 GPZ1100 now starting smoothly, it get "more power" with less throttle open. On a cruising speed 120km/h fuel consumption fell from 7.4L/100km to 5.6-5.8L/100km. I am a motorcycle mechanic and keep GPZ maintenance by myself and i riding on it more then 5 years. And after 1.5 years with Carno CDI i'm really feel the difference. Tanks! It was one of the best upgrades i installed on my bike.

Sorry for rough English.
Vasily from Kazakhstan.

Vasily Terekhov, 07/25/2022